Ads by Google MCQ PDF Question and Answers Electrical Measurement Home Measurements Instrumentation Objective Questions Answers: Part-6 MCQ in. The use of _____ instruments is merely confined within laboratories as stand¬ _____ instruments are those which measure the total quantity of electricity. MEASUREMENT and INSTRUMENTS Objective Questions and Answers pdf free Download EEE & EIE Students,mcqs,interview questions,viva lab,online For measuring an unknown electrical quantity, select the meter with.

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Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques: Helfrick & Cooper Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments - Golding & Waddis. electrical and electronics measurements and instrumentation as taught to the undergraduate . It contains PowerPoint lecture slides and the Solution Manual. Home» Measurement and Instrumentation Quiz Questions and Answers» TOP Electrical Engineering Multiple choice Questions and Answers | MCQs .. choic (a) moving coil instrument pdf (b) moving iron instrument Quiz and MCQ (c) .

Voltmeter should be of very high resistance so that It may draw current minimum possible.

The internal resistance for milli ammeter must be very low for Minimum voltage drop across the meter. Swamping of resistance is used to compensate error due to Temperature variations.

Instrument can be used for both ac and dc Moving-iron type. Electrostatic instruments are mainly employed to measure High voltages.

Uniformity in the scale of an ammeter indicates that it is PMMC type. A Dynamometer type wattmeter responds to the Average value of the active power. Anderson bridge is used to measure of Inductance.

Campbell's bridge method is used to measure Iron loss. A thermo-couple instrument can be used for the measurement of Both direct current and alternating current.

Electrostatic type instruments are mainly used for measurement of High voltages. The instrument which is cheapest for dc measurement is Moving iron.

In which part of the scale does the pointer indicate more accurately a In the first third of the cycle b In the first half of the cycle c In about middle of the scale d In the last third of the cycle.

For measuring an unknown electrical quantity, select the meter with a Highest range and work down b Lowest range and work up c Middle range and can be work up or down depending d Any of the above.

The ratio of maximum displacement deviation to the full scale deviation of the instrument is called: A V moving iron voltmeter of accuracy class 1. The maximum possible percentage error in the reading is: The relative error is the: The moving iron voltmeters are likely: The power measurement in a balanced 3-phase circuit can be done by: Ballastic tests are used in magnetic measurements for the determination of: Anderson Bridge is used to measure: The frequency can be measured by using: The ballistic galvanometer is usually lightly damped so that: B-H Curve is used to determination of: Magnetic materials can be tested by: A PMMC instrument can be used as a fluxmeter by: Open circuit fault in a cable can be located by: In CRO the time base signal is applied to: In CRO astigmatism is: The main advantage of crystal oscillator is that its output is: Which of the following statement is true of phase-shift type and Wien-bridge type R-C oscillators: Moving iron and PMMC instruments can be distinguished from each other by looking at: In a dynamo-meter type of moving coil instrument a swamping resistance is provided inorder to: The deflection of hot-wire instrument depends on: If two meters X and Y requires 40mA and 50mA respectively, to give full scale deflection, then: The reliability of the instrument refer to: The damping torque must operate only when the moving system of the indicating instrument is:Murray loop test can be used for location of Latest Chemic a ground fault on a cable Questions and b short circuit fault on a cable Latest Energy c both the ground fault and the short-circuit fault Interview Que d none of the above Latest Fertiliz Ans: B-H Curve is used to determination of: Either analogue form or digital form depending on their applications D.

The main advantage of crystal oscillator is that its output is: Swamping of resistance is used to compensate error due to Temperature variations. Megger is an instrument used for the measurement of: A V moving iron voltmeter of accuracy class 1. Devendra Sharma.

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