3/23/ Reviews: Cracking the Code – My Journey to Bollywood by Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap/ Rupa Publications 0 More Next Blog ». Cracking The Code book. Read 27 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. So last year I went to MICA, Ahemadabad, for my interview for admission And they asked me that who was my. 1. role model I said it s Ayushman Khuranna.

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Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood [Ayushmann Khurrana, Tahira Kashyap] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. So you love the . 'Ayushmann's journey is a wholesome and insightful account of the trials and In Cracking the Code, Ayushmann Khurrana—actor, singer and television. In "Cracking the Code", Ayushmann Khurana along with his super supportive and loving wife Tahira Kashyap pens down the story of his career.

Perhaps they liked him for being himself or perhaps it's because all the attacks bounced off him. And later he says that he felt intimidated being around tall guys and people with perfect bodies.

You're okay with comments that are the most fe Summary: A very propagandistic book. You're okay with comments that are the most ferocious across Indian channels and you're intimidated by people with perfect bodies? Doesn't sound genuine. And then he goes on to add that he wasn't called-in for wrestling because no one had a problem with him. Then why the hell did you bring it up?

How was this embarassing? You came off with flying colors right.

After a while you get to know that that guy was the one having an "attacker" personality in the roadies. He was the one who decided who was allowed in the show and who was out.

If you have been following me you know that I never miss a chance to read a book that has to do about the glamour world and its people.

Reading has helped me to know the the stories behind the big stars. And the most important thing is that not everyone who has a God father has sure chances of success here.

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Thanks for Rupa publications for sending the book to me. Well for the cover page who other than the actor himself when the book is all about him? The blurb sets the pace.

Cracking The Code: My Journey To Bollywood

The story delivers what the blurb promises. Keep the dream, hope, desire and passion alive and eventually you will make it one day.

Actor, singer, VJ, RJ, anchor Ayushmann Khurrana has lived through a journey and believes that his life follows a pattern, a code of sorts and nothing happened out of luck for me but it was more about things taking place at a sub-conscious level karma it could be. I finished the book in one long sitting.

Its entertaining no doubt but I loved it more because its very honestly put down. I found it encouraging too.


Every page tells you that there is a brighter side to life. After reading the book, I would definitely want to meet Ayushmann and his wife one day. Sorry to hear about your family member. Sorry to hear about your loss. I was one then and your post resited those memories. Reading books in print is a Pleasure on its own. Destiny of course has its say, and luck by chance is very much an essence of life.

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But, as he says, he never gave an opportunity a miss. The other piece of advice is to give any passion ten years to bear fruit, after which, bail out and do something else so as not to turn bitter. All this is sane advice and can be a take-home for anyone.

He was also willing to take risks, for Vicky Donor was a film not many would touch. That it turned out well has much to say for his ability to act and of course on the rest of the team to deliver. The book is an absorbing and quick read, and by sharing with us the path that helped him find his way to stardom, along with underlining the codes that helped him achieve this, Ayushmann has tried to assist all those who look to make it big.

However, it does feel as though the telling of the tale lacks a certain drama, or excitement that would raise this book to a level of a must-read. Again, a few typos have been overlooked, which takes away from the finish of the book.

Who should read this book? Youngsters, looking for some codes for life, or for success, whether in Bollywood or out of Bollywood. It always helps to learn from others.Dec 12, Rakshita rated it it was amazing.

The competition is way more these days. I could call Shoojit Sircar my friend because he gave me the first chance in auditioning me. The narration was gripping enough to keep you on your seat to read just another page before you could take a break. Ayushmann talks about his career, relationship, ups and downs in his life.

Tell us a little about the role that your wife, Tahira, played in your professional life.

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